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Earned media in life science marketing (podcast)

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A couple of years ago I had the great fortune to connect with Chris Conner, creator of Life Science Marketing Radio. I won't say I'm a podcast addict, but when I find a good one I definitely binge. His is a good one. Back in 2017 Chris and I discussed how life science companies can get media coverage with topics and tactics that are hard for media to resist. It's worth a listen as you plan 2018 marketing. Listen below and check out the full transcript and show notes and many more podcast episodes here.

From the podcast notes:

Earned media (coverage in a 3rd party publication) can be a valuable element in the overall marketing strategy for a life science company. And it may not require the services of a dedicated PR agency if you understand what your target publications are looking for and the right way to approach them.

  1. Jennifer Oladipo has covered several industries as a journalist. In this 30 minute interview, she shared her best advice on getting media coverage for your company.

  2. Journalists are under time pressure like everyone else.

  3. Be concise in your communications.Because of the time pressure, there is value in providing resources that help journalists understand the broader business landscape.Building and maintaining relationships is essential.

  4. Jennifer offers specific suggestions for doing this. It’s helpful to pay attention to the news and point out what’s important or notable to the industry.

  5. What does it mean for you, your peers or your customers?Jennifer explains how your company’s video, infographics and white papers can provide value to journalists.


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