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corporate consulting firm | content strategy & ghostwriting


& client profile 

As increased workloads taxed marketing efforts already consumed with social media, a growing management consulting firm needed expert focus on relationship-building communications in a crowded marketplace for corporate clients. They had tackled a blog and published a book in-house with unremarkable results.


engage + amplify


reach an entire sales pipeline with four key content anchors


We needed to engage new audiences, help shift the client portfolio toward longer-term engagements, and position the CEO as an innovative thought leader.


Create a 12-month plan for compelling, consistent, ghostwritten content to elevate the firm’s unique perspective, promote services, solidify expertise and generate leads. Research and emphasize unconventional methods and topics, and maximize ROI with smart repurposing.


our approach to the problem


& deliverables

  • content strategy

  • blog management

  • white papers

  • book writing

  • editorial articles



Learn the client’s sales goals – revenue mix, new markets, priorities and dollar figures.


Study the field and the competition closely to discern what’s truly innovative in this space and what transformation customers are seeking.


Supercharge the monthly blog with timely, provocative and practical content.


Create a series of thoroughly researched white papers – an unconventional strategy in this space – tackling both everyday and out-of-the-box subjects that speak to managers and/or C-Suite leaders making buying decisions.


Expand popular blogs into white papers, promote white papers with blog posts, and develop blogs into editorial articles leading industry publications.


Compile and reshape white papers into a one-of-a-kind management guidebook.


how we did it


 outstanding marketplace presence


Visitors spent twice as long engaged with blog posts - three times as long in some cases. The CEO broke into a leading industry publication and was invited to become a regular contributor. Already-engaged audience members noticed and praised the highly enhanced quality of the second book with comments like, “You brought the fire with this one.”

We figured exactly what tone, subjects, and content lengths worked best, and which were wasting time.


With the voice we honed and platform we built, the firm went on to further repurpose materials into paid webinars offered directly or through valuable organizations in the industries they targeted.


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