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global medical device company | 360° content

reframe + Retell


& client profile 

Wanting introduce a legacy respiratory and cardiac monitor technology to new hospital audiences, a global leader in medical technology and solutions needed to connect deeply and offer high-value content to busy healthcare providers already using a competitor product. 


Grab and keep busy care providers' attention with honest emotion and intelligent resources. 


We needed to engage highly educated and experienced nursing managers, showing we understood their day-to-day, minute-to-minute challenges, and providing unique resources to help them meet these challenges with the client's monitoring technology. 
The client needed to build on years of product success by entering new hospital arenas - labor and delivery, and neonatal intensive care (NICU). 


Jenno Co. worked with a life science focused agency to develop content based on their ethnographic research into nurse's daily challenges.  

Our client needed to be seen as invaluable. ​

Using research from medical journals and clinical guidelines from national health organizations, we created a series of blogs intended to increase nurses' professional competency and highlight the role of technology in serving patients and overcoming challenges in specific hospital contexts

We also struck an emotional chord with a video that illustrated the real-world stakes and reflected medical practitioners lived experiences.

Finally, infographics and mobile ads rounded out the 360-degree campaign, along with social media copy to boost reach and impact content.


our approach to the problem


the difference we made


& deliverables

  • award-winning video script

  • research

  • blog development

  • infographic development

  • digital ad copy

  • social media copy


The video went on to win the client a company award for marketing innovation, and recognition and as it went on compete globally. Overall, the client made a substantial change to their library of resources useful for sales enablement and staying close to customers with long-lasting content that helps them meet their ultimate goal: excellent patient care. Please get in touch for more detail about our medtech expertise. 


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